Hey Boo Coconut Spreads – Delicious, Naturally

  • February 12th, 2014
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Hey Boo Coconut Jam JarsWhen it comes to coconut, it’s pretty much everywhere at this point, well save for spread on your sandwiches. Luckily, Hey Boo is here to fix that.

We should start by saying it’s not ‘just’ coconut, it’s a slow cooked emulsion of premium coconut milk, eggs, and cane sugar. This creates what is also known as Srikaya – a traditional, delicious and wholesome treat that goes from breakfast to dessert and all points between. And that is where the creator’s story starts, on the Sumatra and Java islands in Indonesia where she grew up. When Cristina came stateside at the age of eighteen to go to college and pursue a career in a subsequent career in the tech industry she became aware of her deep love for gourmet foods. From that point she started her creating her long loved Coconut Spreads with an eye on keeping things green and supporting her neighborhood.

As for the spreads, they are magical. Just a few simple ingredients makes for a natural and lovely honey-like consistency that makes its way into many a dish, from waffles and yogurt to ice cream and coffee. Hey Boo’s Coconut Jam is slow-cooked to perfection, with a deep coconut backbone that is a nice compliment to enriching eggs and sweet sugar – it’s simple and heck even the name means “rich.” Their Coconut Caramel is nearly everything to love about caramel sauce but without all the dairy. A deep nutty coconut to slather on cheese, dunk a cookie in, or bake with is fantastic.

Get yourself a jar of Hey Boo Today, either or both! Love Coconut Jam? Overjoyed at the prospect of delving spoon first into a container full of this stuff? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from ya!

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