Owl’s Brew Mixers – Full Leaf Blends

  • February 12th, 2014
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When it’s party time you want something fun, interesting, and delicious to drink down. Sure, beer and wine are just fine, but setting up a few mixers gives it whole fresh feeling. Just like the freshened up mixers from Owl’s Brew – they aren’t your typical drink mixers – their tea based and crazy good.

Owls Brew 01

In the dusty shelves of some super markets, where old bottles of thick syrup and faux-flavors impersonate “drink mixes,” it’s easy to see why Owl’s Brew stepped up to create something better, something with delicious purpose. They take all natural whole leaf tea as their base and add in real fruit, real spices and let them do their thing. From there they add in agave for sweetness, which lends it self to add flavor and depth instead of just one note of syrup. Another nice thing about Owl’s Brew is their ratio is dead-easy, a 2:1 of mix to booze makes for fool-proof delightful drinks late into the night.

We currently carry all three of their flavors in the big bottles. Their ‘Classic’ is like a traditional English breakfast with a twist – a dash of lemon and splashes of sweet agave to bring it all together; making for easy mixing – we like to shake with gin for a spruced up martini. Pink & Black brings in a tart mix of lemon and strawberry with Darjeeling and black tea as it’s backbone, a lovely dark pink color when poured up – it’s wonderful over ice with bourbon in the warm days of summer or the days you wish were summer. For those wanting a more island adventure in their cocktail, Owl’s Brew’s Coco-Lada brings coconut, chai, pineapple, and black tea together; it just begs for vodka, a pineapple wedge, and a tiny umbrella.

Pick up one or all three and start exploring the more natural way to create super-tasty cocktails. Have a great idea on how to use Owl’s Brew? Drop us a line in the comments below – we’d love to hear from ya!

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