SPG Featured Artists – Robert Bain

  • February 21st, 2014
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Everyone’s a doodler, in lecture halls, or sitting in on conference calls, or watching a bit of tube – when the mind wonders it seems the hand is free to explore. That is where our newest featured artist comes in.

Robert Bain sees his works as “the result of [his] effort to abandon conceptual intent.” All of his pieces begin with that abandon, a simple doodle, where the mind wanders and somewhere in the space between head, hand, and paper – magic happens. He says he can “remember as a boy finding small drawings next to the phone at [his] grandparents’ home, which [he] now recognize as [his] earliest exposure to abstraction.” His desperate attempt to focus on recreating the true nature of a doodle was fruitless, which is how he happened to find that the “best doodles… require distraction.”


So when does he do his work? Robert starts by doing something else. A simple mind misdirection, keeping the focus at bay while creating pieces “free from the weight of meaning.” From his phone-doodles and couch potato-scribbles he moves them to a working surface where he uses them as a base to build the full paintings. Abstract as his work is, it’s beautiful with contrasting sharp colors and playful geometric shapes.

We are honored to have Robert’s work on our walls and hope you enjoy their time on our walls. If you want to take one home, he’s just a mouse click away at his blog.

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