Hot Cakes Cakery – Choco-stalgia Done Right

  • February 26th, 2014
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Our story starts in the Northwest, where Hot Cakes grew roots, sprouting from the work Autumn put into crafting happiness. Her culinary journey grew out of the fog and tree filled lands grounding herself with a formal cooking education and starting a bakery with real goods.

Hot Cakes

We are pretty big fans of just about everything chocolate around here, and we’re always keen on grown up versions of childhood favorites, so when we bit into Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery’s Bling Blings – we were smitten. The soft chocolate cake are the deep dark caverns of rich heaven while the outer shell reminds us of tearing into a Ding Dong. With these though there is a whole slew of real flavor. A punch of chocolate butter cream inside is the icing of our nostalgia cake. Relive the times of sifting through your lunch for that silver wrapper at the lunch table with an all new affection to perfection. All of ‘Hot Cakes’ confections are 100% natural and use real quality dark chocolate without the catalog of unpronounceables. It’s from there, from the tireless perfection to making the Bling Blings just so, that the ‘Hot Cakes’ folks delve into crafting their smoked chocolate chips. It’s a 10 hour cold-smoke journey using local alder wood, the chips are rotated every 30 minutes. Hard work pays in dividends: a chocolate chip for the ages. Smooth smoke compliments the semi-sweet chips as if chocolate had always been missing something, making for unbelievably tasty chocolate chip cookies.

Pick up a jar of Hot Cake’s smoked chocolate chips and get experimenting or unwrap on of their Bling Blings and have an experience – both available on our shelf now. Tried either (or both)? Drop us a line and let us know how much you love their stuff!

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