Indulgence Chocolatiers’ Bars – Beautifully Built Balances

  • February 28th, 2014
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Food rivals any other artistry, painting swaths of flavors, drawing from a lifetime of experience to create, a wide breadth of specialties, and so much more. It is this mastery that Julie from Indulgence Chocolatiers draws from for their fantastically tasty bars.

Indulgence Chocolate bars

Back in 2007 a new kind of ‘Indulgence’ was established in a Milwaukee kitchen, pulling from the best chocolate they could source and utilizing the local foods when possible. Their aim: to create beautiful and delicious pieces of eatable fine art. From the start, their goal was keeping things as simple and ‘real’ as possible, avoiding any mass production or artificial preservatives, crafting simple handmade confections in classic and unique flavor combos.

And there is where we land – into the depths and highs of meticulously paired chocolate bars. Indulgence Chocolatiers, brings us four of their ‘elevated’ tastes: Raspberry Chipotle Pecan – a smoky/spicy nut and tart mix smattering across 60% dark chocolate, Cream City Crunch – a lighter dark with crispy cookie pieces, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt – a simple and lovely match between sweet and salty, and their White Chocolate Sea Salt – a new-found love of buttery white chocolate and mouth-watering saltiness. Each bar strikes its own personality all while staying connected to the unavoidable style and grace in which ‘Indulgence’ puts into each work (bar). Like any good artist, quality is paramount and it shows.

Pick up Indulgence Chocolatiers on our shelves now, before we eat them all! Have a go at tasty local artisan chocolate with real soul. Love Indulgence? Can’t get enough of one of their paired bars? Drop us a line below, we’d love to hear from you.

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