Stonewall Kitchen’s New Aiolis – Spread Flavor, Dip Taste

  • March 11th, 2014
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There is good reason Stonewall has had a place on our shelves all these years. Their consistency in crafting some of the best specialty food stuffs on the market is not happenstance – hard work and their signature spin on popular food trends makes them just about impossible to ignore. This holds true to a couple of newest shelf items, two fantastic aiolis.

Stonewall Aiolis

We’ve picked up two of Stonewall’s creamy and oh-so-good Aiolis: Sriracha and Truffle. Each is great in it’s own right, both are delicious dipped into with fries or spread thick on top of a still-hot burger. But take the Sriracha and use it as the wet layer in making fried chicken for a spicy punch-up, or dunk fish strips into the truffle aioli to revel in decedent earthiness. No matter how you attack these jars they’ll not let your taste buds down.

Pick up a jar or both today off our shelves! Have a great recipe idea for how to use these or other aiolis, want to profess your love for all things Stonewall to us? Leave us a note in the comments – we’d love to hear from you!

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