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  • April 24th, 2014
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Really, truly good salt is a cornerstone of better food. Finishing food with the right salt to compliment and push the dish to it’s right place. Being complementary instead of monotone allows for a depth of flavor not unlike the use of premium butter, flour, or fresh herbs – because quality of ingredients can make or break a entree. So when we tasted Jacobsen Salt we knew it was going to make for an ideal compatriot to many kitchens.

It may seem strange to think about a guy walking into a bay with empty five gallon buckets to then turn heel and fill a barrel of crisp fresh salt water, but it’s exactly what Jacobsen Salt owner/operator, Ben Jacobsen, does. His backbreaking hand-collection of sea salt may seem strange, but it’s a traditional method used for centuries and current european artisans – he just seems to be one of the few doing it stateside. It’s all a process, pulling the sea water, heating, reducing, creating the right percent brine, and allowing time for evaporation, but in the end – it’s all worth while. Lots of time in the car and getting water sampled to find the ‘just right’ spot to pull the ideal sea salt too, which happens to be straight west of Portland (how the crow flies) in Netarts Bay – a natural low bay created by an outcropping which makes for super clean water. Which then makes for super tasty salt.

Jacobsen Salts

We currently carry four flavors of Jacobsen Salt, each with it’s own distinctive pairings. Their Ghost Chili Salt is hauntingly spicy with whiffs of smoke perfect for rimming a spicy bloody mary or paired with lemon zest on chicken, it’s distinctly hot and ready to rumble. Lemon salt comes with a wide array of uses, like sprinkling on top of blondies, salting fresh salmon, or punching up a salad. We find the Stumptown Coffee Salt makes for the best sea salt caramel brownies imaginable as well as for making roasted veggies sing in a whole new octave. Of course, their natural salt has it’s place in and on just about anything you throw at it: tossed on homemade pretzels, chunked on fresh ripe heirloom tomatoes (our favorite), or used to finish. All are simply wonderful and done right. We’ve also pick up some of their salty black licorice, which is unlike any other black licorice we’ve ever tasted – rich with molasses and sea salt, wonderful!

Jacobsen Licorice

Pick up your really, truly good salt from Jacobsen Salt Co off our shelves today and get finishing those plates. Love Jacobsen’s salt? Want to send your love of real hand-harvested sea salt? Drop us a line below!

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