Olympic Provisions – Pork Worth A Root

  • April 24th, 2014
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When it comes to food, we’re keen on doing what is ‘right’, even more so when it comes to meats. Not just in flavor, but in practice – raising, feeding, processing, a sort of all encompassing view of it all. It is no surprise then, that in our latest journey to the Fancy Food Show in San Fran we caught in with some super tasty salami and meats hailing from Oregon and wanted to bring them to our friendly confines – those meat slingers? Olympic Provisions.

Olympic Provisions

To get owner and salumist, Elias, from childhood to where he is today took two big influences: his father and his stay in europe. From his father, he gained a handmade appreciation, seeing it first-hand as a child at home; in europe Elias saw how the tradition and professionalism meet – it came full circle for him and soon after Olympic Provisions became the first USDA-approved salumeria in Oregon. Their close work with their farms pays off in dividends when it comes time to sink your teeth into the aged pork.

And sink they will – Olympic Provisions is simply pork perfected in a suspended state waiting to be eaten. We currently stock five of their meticulously crafted treasures in our cooler. Their spreadables: Pork Liver Mousse – port wine sweetens lightly and it’s capped with spreadable pork fat, Pork Rillette – with hand chopped, slow cooked shoulder with hints of ginger and spices – both fantatic on a toasted baguette, complimented by mustared and/or pickled veggies. Their aged pork we carry are in three varieties: Saucisson D’Arles – which is simply pork and salt featuring the most wonderfully clean pork flavors, Chirzo Rioja – is their spanish influenced, red wine pairing salami with serious depth, Loukanika – Greek (garlic & cumin) meets orange in a family favorite, wonderful in every way. No matter if you spread or slice the work from Olympic Provisions it’s sure to leave you smiling.

Hard work, tradition, and dedication to quality creates charcuterie worth it’s weight in gold. Pick up the goods from Olympic Provisions out of our cooler and set your picnic, plate, or nibbles right with the world.

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