CocoaPlanet Chocolate Squares – Single Servings of Paradise

  • April 29th, 2014
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Treats come in all shapes, sizes, forms, and types – one we can’t help but get hung up on is chocolate, and the delicious little squares from Cocoa Planet are no different.

CocoPlanet - stack

Our story starts with founder Founder Anne. When thrust into existence in the refined food-world that is Paris, France it’s hard to not come to live in America and find a something lacking with many of our candies, namely chocolate. Don’t get us wrong, we love many of our childhood favorites but know full well they aren’t always up to snuff. That is where Anne found inspiration, pulling from her adolescent memories for the depth found in her homeland goodies, matching her love of european chocolates. She invented form of inserting flavors into her confections, pearls – each lump of goodness is suspended in ethically sourced chocolate. Not just that, but all of their squares are gluten & GMO free and vegan – good done right.

CocoPlanet - circle

Each single serving CocoaPlanet chocolate is filled without all the muck of over sugaring and thickening; they’re paired with flavor to bring out the chocolate’s natural profile without weighing it down. We carry Deep Dark Truffle – a match of 65% and 72% dark chocolate with olive oil and sea salt, Mandarin Orange – which puts orange and citrus up against a backdrop of 64% dark, Vanilla Espresso – sweetening vanilla paired with roasty espresso in a truly expressive bar, Salted Caramel – crafted to float nuggets of velvety caramel inside a deep dark bar, & CocoaMint – paints cooling peppermint in a chocolate in which dreams are made of.

Pick up a square to nibble on or a whole stack of them to get you through a rough week (we’ve been there). Cocoa Planet

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