On The Menu – Chili-nib Roasted Pork Sandwich

  • June 5th, 2014
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We aren’t going to pretend we know how the mind of our Chef, Derrick, works – but suffice to say we’re glad it works the way it does. His recent addition of a pork sandwich to the menu is another in a long string of ‘hits’ (see: Brisket & Gravy, secret supper, et al).

chili nib rub pork sandwich horizontal II

It starts with a house-made coco nib based rub – the creation of Chef Derrick – we buy all whole dried peppers and tobacco smoked chipotles, and house-grind everything ourselves then it’s mixed with local craft beer and wet-rubbed on the pork. Cooking is a four hour ordeal, in which the coated meat steams in more beer, creating a succulent & moist treasure. It’s sliced medium thickness where the mouth-watering pork is placed center-stage amidst buttered buns, but don’t think the ‘topping’ plays second fiddle.

slaw for pork sandwich

Welcome to deliciousness: our slaw placed on top of the our pork could easily hold it’s own; red cabbage cut thin with nibs of crunchy peanut, green onion, and a special mayo based sauce – blended with our kimchi, horseradish mustard and lime juice. It’s simple and delicious, and plays against the meat component in pure perfection.

Stop by and pick up a stack of the good life: our Chili-nib Roasted Pork.

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