Our New Featured Artist – Mark Yee

  • June 9th, 2014
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There is that art that is meticulously planned, sketched, worked through and essentially is ‘never done’. Our newest featured artist lets the art happen, making it a kind of surprise and shared experience for everyone – sound like your thing? Us too, let us welcome Mark Yee to our walls.


In a world filled with numbers and graphs, Mark made his way telling a story visually with representing quantifiable data he was tasked in analyzing. It was in those formalized displays that informed his future (and now current) work. It was that story telling he wanted to truly convey on the canvas, crafting a layering of colors and forms that when drawn back create a new tale. A line makes for it’s own image, a scrape through the layers makes it’s own place in a way that is new to Mark and the audience. After Mark’s first show in 2011, it didn’t take long to gain a bit of traction in the local scene where he’s had numerous gallery shows and then matching up with us just recently.

We’re proud to have him and his astonishing works. Mellow and striking in the same breath with a treasure trove of interest that are hard to ignore. Come and sit and have brunch with us and take in the sights with many thanks to Mark Yee and his wonderful pieces.

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