Zarlengo’s Gelato Cup – Carry A Scoop of Heaven

  • June 13th, 2014
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It’s simple enough, real ingredients, churned into a delicious frozen treat powered behind the force of real flavors. Amongst the rumble-stripped Joe Orr road, as if dropped from above, a tiny shack churns incredibly delicious magic. The way you know you’ve made it is a simple sign stating the adventure has just begun. After an order, spreading out in their patio sandwiched between a driveway and a parking lot is reminiscent of our favorite childhood ice cream joints. We envy those who grew up snacking on Zarlengo’s – but luckily, we’ve brought some of their treasure to our place.

Zarlengo's Gelato Horizontal

They’ve pumped out the goods for over 25 years, their background was in construction but knew their area needed a good place for families to get ice cream. At first, mixes were purchased to get them going, but after a renewed focus on crafting their own treats – a focus on quality. Creating ice cream bars, dreamy Italian Ice, and pure exquisite gelato all made up a spread of having the best around – and people took note. It’s important to the Zarlengo’s to carry on the family tradition of small-batch freshest possible quality; each recipe made from scratch by one of Zarlengo boys and made with real pride. They like to say that their “products are handmade by [their] family to yours.”

In that authenticity, in the knowing of making something from one family to another, is real true flavor. Currently we’ve picked up four grab-and-go Zarlengo’s Gelato Cups – each one more yummy than the last. The Salted Caramel features thick layers of sweet-and-salty islands amidst dense and luscious vanilla gelato – force a spoon through and get a bite of both for heaven-in-a-spoon. It may not come as a shock, but in the right place, Nutella is our jam – and Zarlengo’s sandwiches thick slats of nutella between lightly nutty-chocolate gelato, my goodness. Their Almond Joy takes softly coconut flavored ice cream with almonds and pads it between rich dark chocolate; making for a sweet hard to share. If Chocolate is your game (and who’s isn’t?) Zarlengo’s Chocolate Chocolate Chip gelato is for you – simply: divine.

Get your cup and get walking with a bit of heaven or pool a few cups for the family, and know the Zarlengo’s pride and 25+ years went into crafting each bite. Want to give Zarlengo’s a shout-out? Leave us a comment below, we’d love to hear from ya!

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