Fine & Raw Chocolate – By Hand Happiness

Fine & Raw Chocolate  – By Hand Happiness
  • August 27th, 2014
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We are lovers of chocolate here at the store, always open to trying something new and different. There are well knowns, the up and comers, and the super-tiny batch producers. It’s there, in a small shop with a handful of specialized equipment that Fine & Raw is made.

In the ‘local crafts’ made hallows of Brooklyn, cacao beans are slow roasted at low heat to pure-perfection. It started with an inspired and seemingly chocolate-obsessed artist wherein he made very small batches of pure rich goodness. Then he offered some to friends, then began delivering it by bike to small shops and it really kicked off. They do a heap of leg work getting shade-grown cacao which lives in harmony with the rain forest – which also means it grows organically, as they should be. Fine & Raw make sure to do things right by the earth too, using recycled paper and veggie-based inks for their packaging, as well as doing everything they can to reduce their footprint wherever they can.

Their chocolate is crafted in tiny batches – raw cacao arrives at their place and it’s roasted over a long period to keep a lot of their natural flavoring intact, making a truly rich eating experience. Ground super-fine in their own machines and poured, molded, formed, all by hand. Wonderful chocolate from people with a keen eye for making the best possible bar or bonbon.

We currently carry a few of their bars and boxes of the bonbons, pick them up today off our shelves to get yourself some of the best chocolate made.

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