Lillie’s Q Hot Pepper Vinegar – Warm Up to Sour

Lillie’s Q Hot Pepper Vinegar – Warm Up to Sour
  • September 3rd, 2014
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A dab’ll do ya“, may not always apply to us when it comes to vinegars. The way the bright acidity crashes against the budding flavors of whence it came. That must be why we are so enamored with Lillie’s Q Hot Pepper Vinegar, it’s everything we love with a punch of something special: heat.

Lillie’s Q does right by their sauces, making for a nicely mellow vinegar-backed bbq, so it only makes sense they bottle up some more magic. A blend of thai chilis steeps with garlic and apple cider vin to make for a sweet meets heat dash that makes your greens dance. Just like many of the rest of their line, it’s comes with a deep tradition of southern cooking, and this bottle harkens back to their grandmother’s table where it made it’s way across piles of collards. We love this vinegar dashed on grilled chicken for a boost of the good stuff, or added into coleslaw, tuna salad sandwiches, or roasted carrots. Simple flavors make it an easy add on to many a meal.

Get your bottle of this southern treasure from off our shelves today, and get enjoying the spice of life. Love Lillie’s Q? Can’t get enough of spicy vinegar? Have the perfect dish idea? Drop us a line below and let us know, we’d love to hear from ya.

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