Char Crust® – A Juicy History

Char Crust® – A Juicy History
  • September 15th, 2014
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When picking a product off our shelves, there is always a story – which is why this blog exists – from the far-flung friends that came to craft a snack, chocolate with a purpose, or just a long tradition of craftsmanship passed down through the generations. It is there, in that small glimmer of history, that we start our tale of Char Crust®, makers of local dry-rub seasonings.


The lineage starts with a man and a vision, Nathan Silver, to make the best fine-dining restaurant and steaks. Al Farber’s, the family steakhouse, positioned itself among the hustle and bustle of 1957 Chicago with a focus on thick juicy steaks with a crust that joined the best parts of grilling with all the things it was missing – the perfect char. Just south of Fullerton on Lincoln Park West, in the shadow of the Lincoln Park Conservatory, the restaurant gained traction with awards like ‘The Perfect Steak Award’, ‘The Epicurean Award’, & ‘Gourmet Society Merit Award,’ due, in large part, to their signature Char-Crusted steaks.


The restaurant sailed its way through the decades, always making its mark. Diners panged for bags of Char Crust® seasonings to take home, Nathan and his son, Bernie, knew they had something special. In the early 60s, Nathan gave retail packing a short stint, cooking up sample steaks at Marshall Fields with Char Crust® out of simple mason jars. In 1977 the restaurant closed with Nathan’s retirement, but the seasonings lived on with Bernie continuing sales at restaurants across the country.


It was in 1991, when Susan met Bernie and what we know as Char Crust® grew – all over a chicken dinner. Susan was eager to try the family mainstay and Bernie prepared dinner in the same apartment they still live in today. At first, Susan thought her future husband had burned the chicken into a dark husk. Once she once she sliced into the chicken, she saw the incredibly juicy interior, tasted the crispy-delicious exterior, and it was proof positive that Char Crust® was something special. That first bite sent Susan on a journey to join Bernie continuing sales to restaurants and move into packaging retail packs. They built their business in their family’s building in the heart of Lakeview, just eight blocks from our place. Which is where they still are today, churning out consistently fantastic spice blends that enrobe the meat, which “Seals In The Juices”® and makes any meal memorable.

And that where it is, between the meat and pan, a thin layer of crusty goodness that keeps all those flavors and juices inside. We currently carry Original Hickory, Ginger Teriyaki, and All American Barbeque, a trifecta of righteous flavor bundled into small boxes. Each has its own characteristics that will compliment, pair well with your meat, seal in the juices, and go with just about anything thrown at them.

Pick up a box (or all three) off our shelves today for a taste of real Chicago food history with Char Crust®. Have a favorite Char Crust®, or Al Farber’s Steakhouse memory? Want to share the char love? Drop us a line in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you!

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