Ayara Thai Sauces – Bottles of Tasty Love

Ayara Thai Sauces – Bottles of Tasty Love
  • October 8th, 2014
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Looking for something just a bit different? Sauces that brighten, speak up, and compliment rather than coat, cover, and just lay limp? We’ve tasted loads of thai sauces over the years and few have spoken to us the way Ayara Sauces do. They may be exactly what your steak, dips, and marinades have been missing.

Inspiration struck Vanda, who founded Ayara, by simply being around her parents, who would bring their homemade sauces to backyard barbeques and holiday dinners where family and friends would badger them to bring more. She stuck to her parent’s passion for creating 100% natural and preservative-free sauces, versatile enough to make for staples in the kitchen. After the established success that Ayara had as a restaurant, it wasn’t long before customers were asking for take-away containers full of their delicious creations. Even with the growth of their sauce line, no shortcuts made, always crafting them by hand in their own kitchen with real ingredients, making for unabashedly refined sauce. All of which allows Anna, Andy, and Vanda’s dream come to fruition, to share their family’s sauce – a true expression of love.

Pick up a jar of Ayara handiwork, you’ll taste the love. Like our store favorite, When Tigers Cry, which puts slow roasted chili, onions, and garlic into a sauce that makes perfect pairing on pork or a rack of ribs – sweet and hints of heat, so delicious. Love a bit of sour with heat? Their Thai Cucumber sauce makes for easy dipping, for fried foods or mix with mayo for a seriously fantastic aioli – it’s a perfected thai tradition, bottled. If your fish needs a bit of love, or the chicken needs a good soak, pick up the Chili-Lime for bright lime and punchy thai pepper heat – making an easy reach when it comes to just about any seafood. How about that creamy, simply wonderful sauce everyone knows and loves – peanut sauce? Ayara has a version that will leave you wishing you bought two, it’s a pinch salty and rich with playful zest from garlic and onions – a thai table standard refreshed. All are super-simple with superb flavor just waiting to be utilized in new and fun ways.

Get your jars of Ayara’s bottled love, aka Thai Sauces, right here on our shelves today. Have a favorite recipe for the Thai Cucumber Sauce? Want to send some love for their wares into the universe? Drop us a line below in the comments, we’d love to hear from ya!

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