Bittermilk No. 4 & 5 – New Additions of Flavor Layers

Bittermilk No. 4 & 5 – New Additions of Flavor Layers
  • October 9th, 2014
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We’ve gone into great detail about Bittermilk previously – the long and short is they come from the industry and craft simple to make yet fantastically complex cocktail mixers. Recently, they’ve poured over a couple of new mixers, perfect for wooing those ever more adventurous taste buds.


Pack together the flavors of absinthe and bitters – lots of depth, both in color and taste – and you end at Bittermilk’s No. 4. A natural red and aged in rye whiskey barrels makes a perfect pair with whiskey, tasty and beautiful. All of the licorice and flavor makes it hard to ignore and easy to sip. Pick up a No. 5 – their Charred Grapefruit Tonic – if you love tonics, but want to stray into uncharted (hard) waters. It’s lemon, lime and quinice – meaning refreshing and bitter with heaps of grapefruit punchiness. A touch of salt makes the savoriness flutter across the palate making for a quenching drinker, lovely with vodka and a dash of soda water. Both of the new additions make delightfully tasty and manageable mixers.

Pick up these two Bittermilk additions plus the rest of their spread on our shelves now and get drinking the tasty potions.

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