Thymely Herbals – Steeped in Flavor

Thymely Herbals – Steeped in Flavor
  • January 15th, 2015
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In a time when tea is packed up in dark packages, metal cylinders, and every piece of the soak is sent nearly halfway across the world – we found a proprietor of small-batch teas from our neighbors to the north. There is no hiding with Thymely Herbals, little baggies of pure rich flavor making a balanced tea ripe for drinking.

The flavors are rooted in complementary flavors that make for the ideal cup of warmth, or ice them in the summer for a tasty chill. Thymely Herbals is just about twenty miles north of downtown Milwaukee on a half-acre organic herb farm. They plant from organic seeds and cuttings picking suitable plants for the cold north – all totaling over fifty types of herbs. What does that small footprint and large variance in production mean for your tea? It means that each bag has hand-picked herbs just for that blend; each blade of lemongrass, every hop cone, leaf of spearmint, plucked for their ripeness and ready to be blended. They follow organic growing practices very closely, so you know there aren’t any questionable leaves of lavender anywhere in your tea. It’s all done sustainably on a small-scale just north, making for delicious and fresh results. We now carry five wonderful Thymely Herbal varieties: Lemon Ginger – which springs to life any morning drag, Nighttime – a lullaby of herbal & citrus flavor, Blues Buster – that plows away the winter-whoas with mint and earthiness, Blueberry Decaf – a steeping punch-up of bright berry flavor, and Lavender Earl Gray – pitting beautiful lavender against the bergamot makes heavenly sipping.

We here at the store are quite keen on Thymely Herbals, so much so we made them our house tea brand. Complex enough to draw your attention, but not so much to scare away the casual drinker. Get your Thymely Herbals now, right from our shelves and experience what small batch teas are really like.

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