Hash – A Change in Potatoes

Hash – A Change in Potatoes
  • February 11th, 2015
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Our hash has been a staple on our menu for a long time, as in just about as long as we’ve served breakfast. It was born from the Hopple Popple’s departure, around the time we moved away from using tater-tots. We went to pre-shredded potatoes for a flavor we loved but had a hard time replicating, but now – we’ve made a move again.

We cube locally grown potatoes daily and toss with olive oil and a spice blend with celery salt, paprika, onion, garlic and black pepper. The blend is a punch-up from the one-dimensional sliced stuff of yore. We then bake the lot of them at high heat to start the browning process, giving the potatoes the perfect color and texture. When the order hits the board, the golden potatoes are added to mushrooms, peppers and onions for a more flavorful pan fry. We moved to a fried egg as well to make for a more cohesive dish and a nice creamy egg coating. Get a taste today of what we think could very well be our hash, perfected.

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