Our Quiche – Fresh Made Everyday

Our Quiche – Fresh Made Everyday
  • March 27th, 2015
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We may be at this quiche thing for a short while, but given our slant to breakfast, pie crust, and savory awesomeness – we thought it high time we made the jump. Our quiche starts with a house made butter pie crust with lovely knobs of our favorite european style butter partially cooked via blink baking. It makes a perfect bed for the seasonal veggies, house-made meats, and rich local cheeses. The egg-pies change often given our baker’s tastes for the day, meaning not only do seasonal veggies make their way in, but speciality items we get our hands on, or extra preserves or sauces we are fawning over. In the café, they are big squares which get a nice warm up before hitting the table – some affectionately call the hot big slices “breakfast pizza;” Always in veggie or meat options – to suit your mood or diet. For catering it’s a big pie of yum: same crust, but with a more stationary selection so you’ll know what to expect.

So, what are you waiting for? Sit down and dig in, or click on through to your catering dream come true.

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