2015 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

2015 Mother’s Day Gift Guide
  • April 7th, 2015
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We love our moms. They brought us into this world and – if we don’t get a good gift – they can take us out. Thankfully we’re here to help get the best gift mom could have asked for. Use this as inspiration or pull it line-by-line – heck, if you ask, we’ll whip it up into a gift basket for ya. Mom will love it.


Illinois Sparkling Co

There is a tendency to be pretty hard on local wines, but the team at Illinois Sparkling wines make a no-joke traditional french-style sparkling that has us by the heart strings. Moms will love it because it’s all made right here in this state my small artisans, it’s bubbly – who doesn’t love some sparkling, and they so wonderfully delicious. We have Brut and Stereo in stock.


Mast Brothers

From New York with love, these fine fellows are the originators or single origin chocolate bars. They hold some of the best darn chocolate we’ve gotten the privilege to sink our teeth into, plyus their packaging is a present unto itself. Moms will love it because it’s chocolate, the packaging is so flippin’ adorable, and they could be the best bar they’ve ever had. We have three bars: Cow Milk, Brooklyn, & Almond.

Bread Butter Cauliflower-web

Our Pickles

We put a load of work into making the perfect pickles, from cucumbers, beets, to cauliflower. They bridge the world of veggies bring a bit of sweet or savory to the plate. They are at home in sandwiches, with sausages, from the jar, or mixed into your favorite picnic salads. Moms will love the beautifully canned vegetables, the amazing flavors, and their ability to find their way on to many dishes. We craft a myriad of pickles, even sell some online.

Spring  Mamas  Nuts-web

Mama’s Nuts

Handmade, small batch, from scratch, meticulously sourced spices, and passed-down family recipes make for incredible nuts. The flavors are always complimentary, making for a near-impossible task of not downing the whole bag in one seating. They are wonderful on salads, dropped on ice cream or cheesecake, or any number of recipes. Moms will love the name, the favors, and their infectious snack-ability. We currently have Chipotle Lime Peanuts, Mocha Stout Almonds, and Coconut Curry Cashew.


Thymely Herbals

Little bags of wonderful tea blends. They are locally made, just north of Milwaukee, pulling from their small tract of land super-fresh herbs and blending with wonderful teas. Moms will love them for their interesting flavor combinations, you remembering her love of loose leaf teas, and their ability to relax. We currently carry a handful of different varieties.

Get these and so much more for mom this year right from our shelves – if you need help finding the right thing for her or want to get a custom basket made, just ask! Don’t forget to mark your calendar for May 10th.

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