Baker Miller – A Fresh Grind Is Best

Baker Miller – A Fresh Grind Is Best
  • April 22nd, 2015
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There can be, and should be, much ink spilled in spotlighting the work Baker Miller is doing, has done, and will do for grains – for grains here in the Midwest, for our definition of “whole grain”, for crafting an awareness of grains the same way coffee existed ten years ago. We will not do their work justice in this short post – but we’ll return to them again, this is simply a primer to all of that is Baker Miller.

Baker Miller is about the bridge, between you and your food, between your loaf of bread and the farm, between the oven and soil – it is there, that common disconnect, that they are putting things together. They’re packaging has the name of the farmer and where it’s grown printed right there on the front. For them, it’s a big part of the understanding, the connection to the farm that they pursue, work closely with, and tie their business to that makes Baker Miller’s grains what they are. We’re quite glad they are – rich nutty flavors are pulled from their stone-cut oatmeal like we’ve never had before – making for a super-special meal time, and great oats to add to muffins or cookies. Their bread flour makes the greatest and rich sourdough for those with starters. The pastry flour does soak up a bit more liquid than you may be used to but it’s dense and deep flavors really do allow whole-grain cookies to make their mark. We like to use the all purpose flour when making pizza doughs worth bragging about. The thing to not forget about Baker Miller’s flour and grains is that it’s alive, a thing not to beat into remission, but to allow it to breathe, allowing the bread to live. All of their wares are non-GMO, all organic, sustainably grown from environmentally conscious farmers.

There is a good reason we fell so quickly for Baker Miller and why their little bakery churns out consistently stellar baked goods – it’s their fine tooth comb approach to details, making sure it’s right all the way through. Pick up a couple of their flours from our shelves and get living!

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