Wondermade Marshmallows – Delight Cubed

Wondermade Marshmallows – Delight Cubed
  • April 28th, 2015
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There is just something so whimsical and lovely about a handmade mallow. When making it home, it takes all kinds of self-control not to stick a finger in the scalding hot fluff. Not everyone has the time and wherewithal to craft the perfect marshmallow. Thankfully that “can’t help yourself” yummyness comes in a pretty box labeled Wondermade.

It’s an easy way to dress up a seemingly simple nugget of sweetness – make the mallow more than just the sum of their parts. Toss in some bourbon, sprinkles of salt, chocolate layers or dashes of cinnamon – Wondermade does all of that and more, but it’s their complementary taste profiles that make them shine. The way they work to create a little puff that makes us stop in our tracks and ponder the wonderful world of candy creation. We like to put them on dessert plates, give them a light roast and eat them with melty chocolate, or drop on top of a cobbler. It’s easy to get lost in the perfected little cubes just as the makers obsess over each step and ingredient (like using 100% cane sugar) so don’t fret.

Get your box now, available on our shelves and get ready to enjoy the wonderful world of Wondermade Marshmallows.

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