SuperSeedz – A Lively Snack

SuperSeedz – A Lively Snack
  • May 13th, 2015
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Reaching for a snack can be a dangerous game – keeping your streak of healthy eating or going arms deep into a bag of regret. We’ve all been there. What about if you’ve got an allergy or a family with varying allergies, or heck – want to share some snacks at the kid’s soccer game? Fraught with pitfalls, sure, but there is an easy solution: pumpkin seeds. And what would pumpkin seeds without a bit of flavor? Not much and hence why SuperSeedz stepped up and filled that 2pm snack-attack gap right up.

We carry a few of their super-tasty flavors – each with their own powerfully delicious profile. The Tomato Italiano is nicely packed full of umami, nice tomato and spice profile makes it like a bruschetta by the handful – or spread them in a spring salad for little pockets of flavor in each bite. SuperSeedz’s Cinnamon & Sugar is amazing in the morning’s vanilla yogurt or adding crunch to ice cream; just like their Coco Joe if you are looking for a kiss of chocolate without the guilt. Now the Somewhat Spicy may be a touch intimidating, but it’s a nice spicy treat with a perfect amount of punch to chew through a bag during a binge watch. Best of all, they don’t have the shell so it’s easy eating!

We’re quite keen on SuperSeedz and think they are our ace in the hole in our home pantry, reach for a bag and punch-up a meal or snack time. Get your bag or five of SuperSeedz, now on our shelves.

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