Our Ramp Mustard – Spread the Spring

Our Ramp Mustard – Spread the Spring
  • June 11th, 2015
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In the early days of spring a lot of people are itching to get outside and enjoy the weather, or avoiding the raindrops, but we usually have our eyes to our suppliers and a particularly well-guarded secret patch of forest. It’s those times when most are happy not to don a heavy coat that we go slogging through the woods – for the very first clip of delicious growth: Ramps. We get a lot of these wonderful treasures and love to put them in anything and everything. Preserving them makes their time with us last a lot longer so they find their way into all sorts of goodies. Case in point: our ramp mustard.

It’s a labor of love, a time intensive one, but one of love none the less. It starts with portioning off mustard seeds. The first part is soaked in vinegar and – this year – Temperance Root Down porter for 48 hours. The other part of seeds is ground and hand-mixed with sautéed ramp bottoms then left to rest for 48 hours too. After the rest, ramp tops are sautéed and blended into the mixture and a housemade ramp salt is added to boost the ramp flavor even further. It’s a wonderful dance of onion/garlic of the ramps with a mellow bite of mustard that makes it wonderful on sandwiches, dunking pretzels, or spreading it on pork tenderloin. We can’t get enough and it’s our go-to mustard at home.

Get yours before we eat it all! Our Ramp Mustard is available on our shelves in 8oz or as a part of the mustard three pack (now available online).

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