Our Orange Marmalade – Citrus Beautiful

Our Orange Marmalade – Citrus Beautiful
  • July 1st, 2015
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A standard orange marmalade may live out its life cycle either in the back of your grandmother’s fridge or in a small blister pack at a nearby breakfast franchise. We love citrus and the real flavor of a good marmalade. It’s a standard spread in the UK, where they hold world-renowned marmalade-only competitions. A good marmalade is powerfully citrus forward, easy on the pectin, and just a kiss of bitterness. We tried our fair share of marmalades over the past few years to hone our palates, and always made sure we were doing it right. We make sure we are always making the perfect marmalade. We think we’re doing a great service to the farmers we direct source from. What we make here won’t get lost in the back of the fridge, but chowed down – eaten and spread.

Our Orange Marmalade is everything we like about the best marmalades pulled into one jar – it spreads like any good preserve, has nibble-able strands of orange rind, smooth grapefruity bitterness and bright citrus flourishes that makes English Muffins sing and cookies jeer. Grab a jar for the fridge and one for the cupboard and start eating out of season, available now on our shelves.

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