Our Cranberry Mustard – A Finishing Combo

Our Cranberry Mustard – A Finishing Combo
  • July 2nd, 2015
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We kind of got this thing about mustard. We make and love each of our mustards with immense care. Our Cranberry Mustard is one of those, we just can’t stop loving it.

It’s cranberries and mustard sitting in a tree, well jar, and getting along swimmingly. It’s not a heavy-handed over-sweet cranberry, but the pairing of real local cranberries that bring a bright acidity and cranberry tartness right up front. The mustard then follows suit and calms the flavor ocean with nice earthy whole grain – giving our Cranberry Mustard a toothsome texture. Spices included are very light, kisses of chili flake match wits the rest of the rack. The Cranberry Mustard is amazing with fruited sausages – complimenting all the notes and lending a bright note to any encased meat would be remiss without. The mustard gives turkey sandwiches the leg up as well as makes the a great baked pork tenderloin. The cranberry acts more like a backdrop, it’s not a light touch more of a broad brushstroke then lifting the mustard into the spotlight. It’s a thing a beauty.

Get your jar of Southport Grocery Cranberry Mustard on our shelves and get a taste for our love of mustard.

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