Carrot Marmalade – Two Hearts Become One

Carrot Marmalade – Two Hearts Become One
  • July 3rd, 2015
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Our preservationist is like a lot like other artists, trying to twist and edge out a flavor profile that compliments, heightens, or changes the preserve. This came into play when a Bon Appetit article was stumbled upon years ago and got us thinking – how could we put our spin on Carrot Marmalade?

We use our Orange Marmalade as a base to launch into adding heaps of thin sliced carrot strands then add a splash of spices, and what comes out the other side is what our Preservationist calls carrot cake in a jar. Open a jar and it’s carrot-ness is immediately obvious, but upon tasting it’s a meandering of lemon, carrot, orange, grapefruit and splashes of floral perfectly layered and delicious. Our Carrot Marmalade is light with little nibbles of goodness, it’s spreadable and the perfect texture. It’s light bitterness goes great on ice cream or pound cake, but also has made a great pork chop glaze or in breakfast sandwiches.

Get a jar of our Carrot Marmalade – a melding of two tastes that make one completely tasty spread – and start eating out of season!

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