Behind the Jar – Euro Plum Preserves

Behind the Jar – Euro Plum Preserves
  • July 6th, 2015
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We’ve noticed only our ‘winning’ preserves garner most of the limelight, but we do a whole slew of canned goods that deserve a few words written about them just as much as those with special stickers. This, then, is the third in our series; a bit about it, its origins, and why it deserves its spot on our production calendar.

A lot of what we love in life informs us as eaters. Where we go, our family, and tastes we experience define our food palates – what we like, what we make at home, and the kinds of things we seek out on far-flung trips. It’s that last one we’ll focus on, falling in love with a local favorite: Plum Preserves.

It was while her time studying abroad in Australia that Melanie, our preservationist, found herself falling for a jar of dense spread – not Vegemite – but plum preserves. See, in the land down under, their ubiquitous preserves are plum and orange marmalade. Having toast and jam? Plum. Want something else on your waffle? Plum. And so it went, but not all loves last forever and her time on the island had to come to an end. Back home, Melanie ran into a problem. There wasn’t much in the way of plum preserves, and were buried deep in the ethnic sections of specialty grocers. When she took the reigns of preservation at our place, she knew right off that a plum preserve, to make any Aussie proud, had to be in the lineup.

And what isn’t to love? Our Euro Plum Preserves are made with all locally grown European style plums from our amazing fruit growers, who grow conscientiously as to make for the best fruit and keep the land in top shape for the future. This means the plums are cared for – bursting with flavor and juiciness – both something to hang your hat on when crafting our preserves. Great tasting food all starts with the best ingredients, and when you concentrate and preserve good produce it’s even more evident. Our Euro Plum Preserves have depth and flavor that many other plum preserves lack. Crack open a jar and spread the fresh scent of a fresh split plums. We love it shaken into martinis, or used in BBQ sauce, or just right on whole grain morning toast. Get yours from our shelves today, and taste freshness captured.

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