Our New Labels – Fresh Design

Our New Labels – Fresh Design
  • August 12th, 2015
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A lot of times it’s about who you know, it’s about the relationships you build to make the best of what you do, to have people with a particular set of skills to help make something special. We think we’ve got one heck of a team here at the store – between our preservationist, our chef, cooks, retail staff, bakers – all have a unique pursuit. That is true of one of our Assistant Retail Managers – Chris, who recently graduated college with a focus on Advertising. It just so happened that we were looking to give our jars a bit of a refresh on labeling. It took time, and lots of minor adjustments, but we landed on our new labels with a massive leg up from one of our very own.

All of our new jars will have our blue wrap and a small label of what lies inside. We wanted more of the jar’s contents to show, to allow the beauty of our craft – our preservation – to shine though, to allow the label to showcase who we are but not intrude on what we do.

So it was about who we know that got us to a label we’re proud of, a label that makes it obvious we love what we do. Check our shelves often for the new goodies hitting the shelves with their new tag.

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