Our Summer Berry Shrub – Bottled Summer Sun

Our Summer Berry Shrub – Bottled Summer Sun
  • September 4th, 2015
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We’re becoming quite keen on the flavor profile of shrubs. Sure kombuchas have a place as well as sodas, but when the two meet, magic arises creating a drinkable – nay quenchable – blend. Our Summer Shrub is long on said mystic powers.

We mix blueberries, raspberries, and black raspberries with just enough sugar to make a fine syrup and add the right amount of Sparrow Lane Vinegar to get us to just a kiss of brightness. It’s got loads of “chewy” berry-ness still with the ‘just-right’ amount everything to pour through a 12oz bottle lickety-split. We strongly encourage getting more than one bottle, as like you, are wayfarers on the sea of cocktails. A full bottle for mixing and blending, may leaving you none to enjoy over time – or in our case, we’d knock off a whole bottle just finding different things to mix into it. We like a simple blend of sparkling soda, a clear spirit (gin is lovely), Summer Berry Shrub, all mixed and over ice. Or do your own “recipe testing” to find what works for the ol taste buds.

Get your bottles now from our shelves and get drinking in the last wisps of summer delectability with our Summer Berry Shrub.

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