Preserve Periodical Vol 1

Preserve Periodical Vol 1
  • September 9th, 2015
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It’s a labor of love, from start to finish. We put so much into our preserves – close work with reps and direct farm sourcing, scouring for the right ingredients. Even going great lengths to get traceable, sustainable sources on our sugar and vinegar. Every part is a perfectly structured puzzle that makes an eatable masterpiece. So when it came to putting our creations to work there came questions from customers and staff on how to use them. We did our best to fill in with ideas and recipes but knew it was a band-aid solution. We needed a tome, a reference point – guidance to the preserves – out popped our first preserve-focused recipe book, our Preserve Periodical.

recipe photo - pea soup

Luckily we have a pretty stellar team, a group of folks who dive into something without worry – fearless, talented and bright. We pooled knowledge and broke the book into steps. Recipe testing and photography, taking hundreds of photos to find the right one to pair with the vetted recipe and heavily brooded over preserves. Then came the editing, to make a single connected piece of work progress and have a standardized structure, lots of editing and rewrites. Then we sent it to our very competent printer friends and they made it all coalesce.

recipe book with preserves

The result? An excellent run at a first volume. It carries thirteen recipes and loads of useage ideas featuring ten preserves, all while without holding a hard line to one season. This means our book can be used year-round, making it easy to eat out of season. Get your very own Southport Grocery Preserve Periodical in our grocery or in our online store today!

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