Colonel Pabst Worcestershire – Boss Sauce

Colonel Pabst Worcestershire – Boss Sauce
  • September 16th, 2015
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There is history to this sauce, but first we address the why. We are obsessed with finding the best things, be it vinegars for our pickles, ingredients used in the cafe, items for the grocery, or in this case – Worcestershire sauce. When it comes to Worcestershire sauce, there are lots of other options, some so far stuck to ubiquity that it may make some to wonder why – why would we need a new option? Because there is something better, so much better, in fact, that it makes one wonder why this wasn’t in a part of their life till now. We’d like to share a bit about Colonel Pabst Worcestershire Sauce.

To the history – it has to with the man, the legend – Colonel Pabst. He was a pursuer of life and cookery and the great-grandfather of the purveyors of this magic elixir. It was the through the tales, the stories, and history that was passed down to them that planted the kind of fervor for food and perfection that drove them to create this kind of bottled flavor bomb. The Worcestershire sauce from Colonel Pabst is the perfect allegory for his life, focused on quality, a buttress to an industry, and ever in pursuit of better.

So in the end – what makes the Colonel better? Let’s start with the base: they reached out to the fine folks at Lakefront Brewery for their award winning Amber, which provides a rich & malty complexity. The sweetness comes from the use of raw demerara sugar and molasses structuring a profound and beautiful flavor. Then there are the spices, a cabinet’s worth of ‘this and that’ to heighten any meaty/umami dish. A dash here or there and magic happens.

Dash you should – bloody marys, on tomato slices, in grilled cheeses, mix into burgers, meatloaves, deglaze a pan with a couple teaspoons of this and wine and it’s pretty much the best. You only need a smidge each go so the big 16oz bottle will last for a plethora of recipes. Get your bottle from our shelf and taste why it’s the best and we’re lucky to have it made in the Midwest.

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