Urban Accents Brine Kits – Three is Key

Urban Accents Brine Kits – Three is Key
  • September 29th, 2015
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Southport Grocery has been a long time fan of Urban Accents. We always have at least one little special thing from them on our shelves. One of the current special things is their brine kits. We carry two of their locally made Chick’n Brine & Bake kits – Tuscan Garlic & Herb and Nashville Hot & Spicy. Both bold in three amazing layers of taste: a bit of spiced brine add flavor to meat, then a little spice in the rub makes things interesting, and to top it off a crust that makes the world go ’round. Three complimentary layers of goodness conspire to make a real fantastic chicken that is real tough to beat. That may sound like too much spice – but fear not, Urban Accents does extensive taste testing, lots of R&D and making sure every piece is perfectly portioned. That means each bite is rife with the best and most consistent flavors.

The Nashville Hot & Spicy is just as it sounds, it starts with a habanero brine that “toasts” the meat, then a Peri-Peri chilli blend for a spicy rub, finishing with a crispy crust to make the whole picture come into view: a heat forward and powerfully delicious meal. Urban Accent’s Tuscan Garlic & Herb has a similar three layers but with a much bigger focus on herbs, like the brine which pits black peppercorns and coriander and juniper among others, the spice rub is garlic and rosemary and wonder, and it finishes in a crispy crust crescendo.

Get your Urban Accents Brine Kit from our shelves today and do your chicken a favor with three layers of flavor.

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