Our New Burger – Midwest Is Best

Our New Burger – Midwest Is Best
  • October 23rd, 2015
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We got to tinkering a few weeks ago. We loved how our burger was, love it for the many, many years it lived on our menu but wanted something a little… more.

Our burger patty was split, creating twice as much surface area for that delicious browning and more space for cheese. As for the cheese, we’ve simplified – picking a nice cheddar that plays up the meaty goodness. We kept our favorite caramelized onions but paired them with our spectacular pickled green tomatoes and end it with a “special sauce” of mayo, pickled red pepper, and herbs. We shrunk the house made challah bun a bit to balance the limelight. Change can be good, or in this case – quite tasty. Get your Midwest Burger in the cafe today!

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