Why We Don’t Sell Our Cupcakes Online Anymore

Why We Don’t Sell Our Cupcakes Online Anymore
  • October 28th, 2015
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Let’s start by not pointing any fingers. Things change, companies function differently, and most importantly, we – Southport Grocery & Cafe – evolve. We had many conversations over the years if we were going to continue shipping our cupcakes – after we updated our online store, during our website overhaul, when we went looking for new shipping containers, and many times before and after that. There was never a really truly perfect solution. Getting our cupcakes to customers in perfect shape became an ever-moving target that we always tried to aim for. We didn’t want to keep pushing out cupcakes that weren’t up to our standards, plus – because of the rising cost of shipping, the packaging, and the possible shipping issues on the receiver’s end, we decided it was best to pull shipping our cupcakes. That means our cupcakes are no longer making the trip through the mail. We’re sorry we couldn’t find the right solution and will, of course, keep an eye on bringing them back if that problem is able to be remedied.

Don’t worry, you can always get our famous cupcakes in our bakery case or order heaps of them through our online catering. Thanks for understanding our wish to keep a close eye on quality and focusing on doing what works best.

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