Bittermilk #7 – A Seasonal Affair

Bittermilk #7 – A Seasonal Affair
  • December 3rd, 2015
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We are huge fans of Bittermilk, crafting up delicious and very easy mixers that make drinks with friends just that much more awesome. This time, with their newest release, they’ve changed it up a bit – No7 will be an ever-moving target, a seasonal flavor changing dependent on their will. We’re glad to have this, the first version – a sorghum and gingerbread affair playing up the holiday cheer. It’s delicious in every sense of the word, it’s not a spice bomb or coating in sweetness – they have once again found their rhythm, a balance of flavors perfected in a tiny little bottle ready to go. Do yourself (and those you drink with) a favor and pick up at least one of these limited edition Bittermilk mixers – now available on our shelves.

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