Sucré Chocolate – Don’t Let It Go Bayou

Sucré Chocolate – Don’t Let It Go Bayou
  • December 14th, 2015
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Hailing from the city of New Orleans, the chocolate masters of Sucré know their way around pairing the rich treat with tasty and delightful flavors. Currently, we carry two different chocolate eatables – a few of their Chocolate Bars and Drinking Chocolate. Meet them:

sucre chocolate bars

The bars are all made by hand with a laser-like focus on procuring the best ingredients possible. Peppermint Crunch lives up to its name with nice big chunks of crushed peppermint throughout the dark chocolate – a match made in tasty heaven. Make sure to grab a few to squelch that mint craving. Sucré’s Pistachio and Rose Petal is a luxury not to be missed – full candied rose petals delicately placed with nibbles of bright green pistachios in real swiss milk chocolate. It’s like wearing a silk robe in your mouth. When sweet meets salty, it dreams of being the Nibs & Brittle Bar – a combo of milky chocolate, pecan brittle pieces, fleur de sel and caramelized cocoa nibs. The Nibs & Brittle version is worth squirreling away for yourself or scarfing it down before anyone asks for a share. Closing out the rest of our current selection is Sucré Salted Pretzel Chocolate Bar – where smooth milk chocolate makes a bed for salted buttery pretzel sticks.

sucre drinking chocolate

We also carry both of their drinking chocolates. The dark chocolate features pure Venezuelan bittersweet chocolate – deep enough to lose any chocoholic in its depths. Sucré’s peppermint version isn’t bathed in fake-tasting mintiness, it’s mellow candy-cane flavor is perfect for the jolly times of year and getting cozy.

Pick up all of these delicious treats from Sucré on our shelves and get a flavor the sweeter side of New Orleans.

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