Mixedmade Trees Knees – Sweet Heat

Mixedmade Trees Knees – Sweet Heat
  • January 6th, 2016
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Where it starts is in the Catskills, the rolling meandering green coated mountains that take up the most part of the state of New York. It comes from Sugarbush, what the sugar shack folk call their crop, the canopy of different maple types that drip into buckets or miles of tubing and into a central tank wherein it’s boiled down and made into syrup. It’s there after then the syrup is met with a mound of peppers – it is then the syrup truly becomes Mixedmade’s Trees Knees.

Don’t let the pepper scare you. A warming heat is something you’ll quickly realize you’ve missing; from your chicken and waffles to ice cream, pigs in a blanket, and you get the idea. It’s ludicrous how well the heat seems to pair perfectly all along as if it was something we’ve been missing. We like to put Trees Knees up against a bit of savory and sweet breakfast to allow it to play with everyone, but it’s just as great when solo on pancakes, punching up oatmeal or making a nice little cocktail with bourbon and sparkling soda. It’s a nice utility to have on hand, to make the best of what breakfast through dessert can throw at ya.

Get your chili infused maple syrup, your Trees Knees, now on our shelves and get a bit of warmth with your sweetness.

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