Brooklyn Wok Shop Chili Oil – Dialed in Heat

Brooklyn Wok Shop Chili Oil – Dialed in Heat
  • January 22nd, 2016
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In the bustling markets across New York, a seemingly average jar of chili oil is stacked under smiling faces. The sauce comes from a family with a history in making fantastic Chinese food; Chef Edric Har knows a thing or two about making the flavors pop. The Brooklyn Wok Shop brought an elevated focus to traditional ‘Chinese take out’ style eats, and their Chili Oil is the precipitate of that.

There are those spicy add-ins that taste like heavy paste and don’t spread well enough, and then those hot sauces which forgo flavor for pure unadulterated pain – neither of which is a good time, let alone for food. Love tossing up a boss fried rice? Your General Tso never living up to your spicy standards? Give your foods a little dash of the chili oil and you’re in flavortown, friend. We like to drizzle a bit on fried eggs, on french dip sandwiches, or mixed in with pasta salad. The standard heat gives a nice warm wave of heat with plenty of flavor to boot, whereas the Extra Spicy carries a lot of weight but still can bring some excellent taste.

Get going with some Wok Shop Chili Oil and taste what your new go-to hot sauce is like.

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