EPIC Hunt and Harvest Mix – For the hunter in You

EPIC Hunt and Harvest Mix – For the hunter in You
  • February 23rd, 2016
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Think you know trail mix? Think again! This “wholesome trail mix for omnivores” is the innovation you’ve been waiting for. The great folks at EPIC have combined 100% grass fed, organic jerky with nutrient rich berries, nuts, seeds, and even cacao – superfood heaven! Each mix packs a great protein punch and is also low in sugar, gluten free, grain free (Hey paleo peeps!), and absent of both soy and dairy. The cattle are treated very humanely and are free to wander and graze their open pastures as they please. No antibiotics or added hormones either! Talk about good, clean, sustainable food!

3 flavors available on our shelves:

Berry Blossom: Beef jerky, mulberries, goji, cacao and almonds

This one is great for the hunter who enjoys a little salty and sweet action. Savory jerky combined with tart fruity berries will make your day.

Honest Harvest: Beef jerky, roasted almonds, brazil nuts, pecans and pistachios

Perfect for the nut lover in your life – these roasted and lightly salted nuts will bring a smile to your face.

Uncured Bacon Lust: Uncured bacon bites, cashews, cranberries, sweet potato and jalapeno

These hickory bacon bites will rock your world. They’re perfectly balanced by salty cashews and tart cranberries, with a little kick of spice.


Toss that chemical laden gas station jerky aside and check out the EPIC line today! Great for snacking at your desk or on the go.

2.25oz bags are $4.95

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