EPIC Animal Oils

EPIC Animal Oils
  • February 25th, 2016
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Animal oils aren’t just for cooking – EPIC suggest plenty of fun, alternative uses on their site, including making candles, using it as a hand salve or mustache wax and of course using it to season your favorite cast iron skillet. The options are endless! Grab a jar today!

EPIC products are just that – epic! We love their commitment to raising their livestock humanely and then utilizing them from nose to tail. It’s a great no-waste approach that truly honors the animal. Their oils are rendered using time tested methods, which involve careful filtration to remove any potential impurities, so that you end up with a very stable and clean oil. They’re fantastic for cooking with and a little goes a long way since they are bursting with flavor.

We have 2 oils available on our grocery shelves:

EPIC Berkshire Pork Lard: Traditional uses include roasted veggies or potatoes, fried chicken, flaky pie crust or biscuits, authentic tamales, or in anything that needs a flavor boost.

EPIC Cage Free Duck Fat: Traditional uses include home style gravy, matzo ball soup, Asian stir fries and of course in pie crusts or anything baked.

11oz jars are $8.95

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