Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee Bean Bags

Grady’s Cold Brew Coffee Bean Bags
  • March 21st, 2016
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Skip the long coffee shop lines and just make it yourself at home! This New Orleans style iced coffee concentrate has a bold, smooth flavor that will wake you right up in the mornings. Once it’s been brewed, it’ll stay fresh in the fridge for weeks, ensuring that you’ll always get your quick and easy caffeine fix, at a much lower price point too!

This tin has enough coffee to make 12 cups. All you have to do is add the bean bag to a pitcher of water and refrigerate it overnight. Then voilà – you’ll wake up to delicious iced coffee that will last you the week! If you prefer hot coffee, simply place them in a coffee maker or French press, and add boiling water. These bean bags are low in acid, meaning that you won’t get that unpleasant bitter coffee taste – just velvety smooth deliciousness. You can also use the brewed concentrate to make awesome mixed drinks or cocktails. Grady’s have a whole host of great recipes on their site.

We just love the retro feel of their packaging too, complete with cute cartoon instructions. It’ll make a great container for anything you want to keep airtight in future, or even as a utensils holder.

8oz container containing 4 bags (12 servings) is $11.95

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