Southport Grocery Drizzle Pretzels – snack heaven!

Southport Grocery Drizzle Pretzels – snack heaven!
  • March 23rd, 2016
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Introducing one of the most moreish things we create at Southport Grocery: the drizzle pretzel (and yes, moreish means they taste so good that you want to eat more) Our drizzle pretzels come in an 8oz bag for $6.95 and they’re super popular here in the grocery – we sell out often since people have been known to buy several bags at a time!

We start with the best pretzels we can find: Unique’s “Original Splits,” which hail from Reading, PA. Their pretzels are allowed to set for a longer time than usual before baking, then the heat of the oven makes them burst open creating little bubbles and crevices that are super crunchy and flavorful.

We start by laying them out in a single layer to ensure maximum drizzle coverage! First up is a layer of melted, dark chocolate, drizzled all over the pretzels.


dark chocolate pretzels


Next comes a layer of creamy white chocolate, for a nice contrast of color and flavor.

white chocolate pretzels


And last, but certainly not least, comes the luscious caramel that makes these pretzels the dreamy snack that they are! Can you resist the temptation?! Come and grab a bag today. They’ll make any day infinitely better!


caramel pretzel

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