Simple & Crisp – the perfect fruity pairing

Simple & Crisp – the perfect fruity pairing
  • April 14th, 2016
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We love the simplicity of these artisanal dried fruit crackers. All the fruits are picked by sustainable growers at the height of ripeness to ensure great flavor and texture, as well as nutrients. They are 100% fruit which has simply been thinly sliced and dried, meaning they are naturally gluten free and also vegan & paleo friendly. Their packaging is just beautiful – lovely colors and incredible food photography, showing some potential pairing ideas such as:

pear: recommended pairing is with mascarpone, chocolate & hazelnuts or with brie, honey & lavender

apple: recommended pairing is gorgonzola, maple syrup & pecans or with vanilla ice cream, cinnamon & caramel


We think these would look beautiful as a garnish on any baked good, to add crunch to a salad or to make a simple cheeseboard look more interesting. They’d make a great, healthy snack too. There are just so many ways to use them!

Each box is approx 1.5oz and retails at $8.95

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