April’s Secret Supper in review

April’s Secret Supper in review
  • April 19th, 2016
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We had a blast at this month’s Secret Supper. Our chefs, Tanner and Bill, got super creative in the kitchen, cooking up all sorts of new and exciting dishes, including grilled octopus and a dessert of manchego cheesecake. It’s a great way for them to experiment with different flavors, whilst giving dinners the opportunity to try something new!

As always, the night started with a cocktail hour featuring secret supper only cocktail creations, and also beer and wine.

Then there were 4 courses of deliciousness:

mini roast pork raclette sandwiches, creamy sweet potato bisque & crispy leeks

grilled octopus, potato bravas & marcona almonds with a black olive vinaigrette

‘paella’  shrimp, chicken, chorizo, mussels & fried crispy rice*

manchego cheesecake with charred lemon compote, honey pecans* & granny smith shoestring apples


*The menu included our own house made honeyed pecans and also Arroz Calasparra rice, which are both available on our grocery shelves.

If you’re interested in attending our next Secret Supper, be sure to sign up for our newsletter on our homepage (www.southportgrocery.com) so that you’ll be in the know.

Were you here for this month’s secret supper? Let us know what your favorite dish was in the comments below!

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