Farm in Focus: Mick Klug Farm

Farm in Focus: Mick Klug Farm
  • August 5th, 2016
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Growing up on a 40 acre farm teaches you a thing or two, and that was certainly the case for Mick Klug, whose parents established their farm land in the 1930’s. After years of experience helping out on the farm, he took over the reigns in 1974. Today he owns and operates over 120 acres of farmland in St.Joseph, Michigan, with the help of his own children. It’s quite the family affair at Klug’s Farm!

Specializing in fruit, they currently have any amazing range of Summer produce including: apricots, blueberries, raspberries, sweet & tart cherries. Soon they’ll have peaches and plums too. About 90% of the fruit we use for preserving comes from their farm, so next time you try a Southport fruit preserve, you’ll see how good their produce is. Better produce results in a much more delicious preserve. These last few weeks we’ve been making blueberry, strawberry and cherry preserves while those are in season, and now we can’t wait for peaches! See the photos below for more info on what we make with each fruit.

Find Mick Klug’s amazing produce at the Green City Market or Lincoln Square Farmer’s Market each week here in the city. Or check out their site for details of the other markets they attend.

mick klug blueberries 16x9

Beautiful blueberries. Used to make our Blueberry & Raspberry Preserves, Blueberry Chia Preserves and more


mick klug peaches 16x9

Juicy Peaches. Used in our Peach Butter, Peach Preserves, etc


mick klug range 16x9

A whole selection of plums. Used in our European Plum Preserves, Plum & Lemon Verbena Preserve.


mick klug raspberries 16x9

Raspberries galore. Used in our Raspberry Preserves and more


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