People of Southport: Megan

People of Southport: Megan
  • August 29th, 2016
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Megan is our longest standing employee here at Southport Grocery. She started as a server back in September of 2008 and has been gracing us with her delightfully positive and outgoing personality ever since. When you walk into the cafe, she’ll greet you with a giant smile and outstretched arms. A warmer welcome you will not find.

Her long tenure here means that she knows all of our regular customers really well and loves chatting with them every day. In terms of our food, she thinks the chocolate dipped almond biscotti is a winner, along with our English muffins and decaf coffee (“it’s decaf but it’s actually really good coffee unlike most I’ve tried!”). She’s also particularly partial to our Christmas cookies and can’t wait until the holidays roll around so she can sample some more! Speaking of the holidays, she loves our preserves so much that she gives them to family and friends as Christmas gifts each year. She might be Southport Grocery’s biggest fan!

Apart from a year spent in the UK, Megan has lived in Chicago her whole life, doing her BA at DePaul and then her MA (in Liberal Studies with an Emphasis in History) at Northwestern. Her thesis topic was “Marriage Economics in Romantic Comedy Films, of 1936-1941” and she’s taken notes on over 160 movies as part of her research, including titles such as Theodora goes Wild and Three Smart Girls Grow Up. Her job here slots into her life nicely and has supported her through her studies and several writing projects.

This lady is so busy we don’t know how she has any free time, but when she does, she loves reading and learning languages, spending time with family and playing tennis. She also goes power walking with friends – the main objective being to giggle a lot.

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