Housemade at Southport: Breakfast Sandwich

Housemade at Southport: Breakfast Sandwich
  • September 1st, 2016
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Did you know we make everything from scratch here at Southport Grocery? Let’s talk about our Breakfast Sandwich: it’s ginger-sage sausage, local butterkase, pepper jelly, arugula & an over easy organic egg on an english muffin with a side of red potato mash. Doesn’t that sound good? Here’s how we prepare it:

House made from scratch:

Ginger-sage Sausage  – this is quite the process since we grind the pork ourselves, then season it with freshly chopped herbs, shape it into patties so they’re ready to cook. It’s extra work but it’s so worth the extra effort knowing that our sausage will taste exactly how we want it to: delicious!

English Muffin – these are baked fresh every day, right upstairs from the restaurant in our very own bakery. They’re fluffy and soft, just how you like them.

Pepper Jelly – made by our preservationist in house. This is the slowest process of all since it involves canning but we feel like it makes the sandwich. That peppery but sweet flavor really rounds things out.

Red Potato Mash: people can’t get enough of our mashed potatoes. They’re deliciously rich and creamy and make a perfect side. We also happen to use the best potatoes we can find. Driftless Organics grow amazing potatoes that are always fantastic quality.


Other ingredients:

Egg – we source our organic eggs from Cedar Ridge Farm, where the chickens are raised humanely with lots of indoor and even more outdoor space to roam. Happy chickens = better eggs

Butterkase – sourced locally from Prairie Pure Cheese

Arugula – sourced locally where possible


Try the breakfast sandwich next time you’re here and you’ll see why it’s a customer favorite!



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