People of Southport: Stephanie

People of Southport: Stephanie
  • September 19th, 2016
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Stephanie, an Assistant Manager, has been with us for about a year now. She happened to be eating in the cafe with a friend and realized we were hiring so she put an application in right away. Working at Southport is the perfect way to support her acting career so she loves it here. The other great part is the people. “A bunch of us are actors, so everybody gets it – we have each other’s backs when it comes to last minute auditions and covering each other’s shifts.”

She loves the food here and thinks there is something really special about the fact that we create our own preserves and incorporate them in the menu. “There’s something really cool about seeing all the preserves being made upstairs, then coming down and seeing them being served to people and on the shelves.” Her favorite dish might have to be the breakfast salad: “It sounds insane on paper but trust me it’s SO good. The mint makes it really refreshing and the fact that it’s made with seasonal fruit means it’s always different.”

Originally from Calgary, Canada, Steph has lived in the greater Chicago area since she was 9 years old. She got into acting quite by chance, since she followed a friend to acting camp and then ended up loving it. She studied marketing and theater in college and completed a training program at the Steppenwolf school last year. She’s played a lot of different characters over the years: a werewolf, a 16 year old psychopath obsessed with celebrities, a caretaker for an eldery woman, and more. Her love of acting comes down to her love of telling stories. “There ends up being so much of yourself in every part you play, then you learn more about yourself in the process.” She is also the Managing Director of the New Colony Theater Company.

Steph loves to cook at home, especially breakfast food. We think Southport may have rubbed off on her slightly! She lives in Lincoln Square and loves to wander around the neighborhood, check out the shops and generally soak up the atmosphere.

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